Case Studies

Case Studies, Success Stories, Proof, call them whatever, here they are.

Company D has been in business for a long time, doing optimization in-house. They hired Moose May to help them grow in search. Read the Approach we Took.

Company E is a multi-million dollar brand that has been in business for decades. They ranked, but not for keywords that were of value. Most of their sales were through social ads. Read the Solution.

Company F wasn’t new to the business world, but they were new to selling online. Moose May helped them rank and sell on-line. Read the Solution.

Company A was completely new, with a new product and a new brand — everything new. Ranking on Google while new isn’t easy, and SEO takes time; SEO is a proc, ss not a goal. They also did not know what keywords they wanted to rank for or why. Read the Solution.

Company B is an existing technology start-up company with low rankings. They mostly sold on Amazon and wanted their site to rank and to drive more sales through their company’s website. Read the Solution.

Tasty Good Toffee is a small business based in Nebraska. They came to Moose May looking for help driving more traffic to their site and creating brand recognition. Read the Approach we Took.