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Moose May increased calls and service requests for this locally based home services business through SEO services.

Within 90 Days:

Traffic Increase
Calls from Website Increase
Keyword Increase

The Local SEO Challenge

The client came to us looking for ways to get more calls and email requests for their home service. Servicing a large metropolitan area, it’s important that they ranked on the top of the local pack for cities, near me, and in the organic results. They also wanted to rank for a few different services they provided in these areas.

Home service companies often service a large area where neighborhoods, counties, and cities can all provide additional opportunities. Customers may search for a service using near me, city, county, or their neighborhood within a larger city. For example, Bay Area may be searched instead of San Francisco. Or Metro Detroit instead of their suburb of Detroit.

Local SEO Solution:

Moose May created a thorough keyword content strategy based on optimizing existing page content, creating new pages, and adding consistent blog posts. Of course, as with any local SEO strategy, we also worked on optimizing their Google My Business listing.

We started with a list of 10 areas that they wanted to increase rank for, including cities, neighborhoods, and counties.

The first priority was a technical SEO audit to figure out some easy wins while that was being implemented. We began working on optimizing existing content by adding in relevant keywords that those pages were already ranking for to drive qualified traffic. We also began creating new pages for local SEO strategy based on the location and service. Each page followed a similar format while having completely unique content and specific keywords based on the services and service area.

Included in optimizing existing content were blog updates for current SEO standards, image alts, meta titles and descriptions, page updates for keywords, headings, formatting, and technical SEO items.

We also worked on gaining more backlinks with high domain authority to help with off-page SEO tactics. Other SEO off-page tactics included social media recommendations. 

The Local SEO Results:

Phone number clicks on the website increased from 9 per month to 20 per month after 4 months of SEO services.

Last 60 days compared to previous 60 days – 5 months into contract

Local SEO results

Enjoy your own SEO success and contact us to set up a strategy call!