Brick and Mortar adds Ecommerce

This brick and mortar local business went national with an ecommerce store on Shopify

Within 90 Days:

Sales by Search Increase
Search Traffic Increase
Keywords Increase

The SEO Challenge:

A local-based business with an ecommerce store for selling luxury specialty products. While relaunching their site completely, even a new URL, they wanted to increase their traffic to the site for purchases, not just information.

The business was over a century old and had been online for over 10 years; however, they only had 21 keywords to show for it (and only three of those keywords ranked on page one of Google).

The Solution:

Moose May started with an audit, working with the developer of the site to look at how the site was built. After some minor tweaks to the technical side, we dove into keyword research.

The keyword strategy centered around 19 keywords, of which two keywords they already ranked for. The on-page strategy centered around these keywords through content, titles and meta descriptions, image alts, and blogs.

A six-month plan was also created with additional recommendations for the store so they could continue to climb the rankings. Some of the items included in the plan were: incorporating backlinks, writing additional blogs, leveraging social media, and creating directories.

30 days after completion of the SEO project, the client ranked for over 100 keywords, holding nine-page one spots. Within six months, they ranked for 16 of the 19 goal keywords, with five ranking in the top five positions.

Search traffic increased by 33%, and sales by search increased by 84% for a 90-day period compared to the previous 90 days.


Take Note:

No keyword stuffing took place. This was all strategy, choosing keywords based on competition, search volume, and the URLs that the competition was pointing to with those keywords. We strategically focused on different keywords for different pages.

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