Why Blog?

Blogging is beneficial to your business by building your brand, engaging your customers, sharing your expertise, and poising your business as an industry leader. But we know the creation of blogs is not an easy task. We’re here to help you figure out the right topics based on keyword research and how to effectively write about them to increase organic traffic and sales. From strategy and implementation to scheduling, we can make your blog brilliant.

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Our Expertise

Our team of writers consists of blogging experts. What do we mean by blogging experts? Blogging requires a specific style of writing, and our team knows how to do it the right way. With our team of experienced bloggers, we match the perfect writer to your business. Our bloggers spend time learning our clients’ preferred language, target audience, and branding to best represent their product or service in their writing style. Our clients breathe easier knowing they have the benefit of our knowledge in this ever-changing space. We know that blogging burnout is 100% real, and we only want our clients to have the best without the stress.

Blog Breakdown

Words matter. We are experts in appearing for organic search. SEO in blogging can provide an increase in organic traffic while also providing you with great content to share through social and email. Our exceptional blogging services provide beneficial opportunities to help improve your rankings by following proper SEO and keyword techniques. If ranking processes change, we adjust our focus and make sure our client websites are stacked with the current requirements. With our finger on the pulse of change, we ensure optimal placement of your keywords throughout your blogs.

Knowledge is power, and the creation of a blog for your website draws people to the information you want to share. Not sure what to blog about? We know what people are looking for, and make sure you rank as the content expert on that subject. We select your blogging topics based on a variety of factors, including your industry, keywords, competition analysis, current questions asked to Google, search volume, and the list goes on and on. The creation of blogs for your website isn’t just for SEO or to simply demonstrate your expertise. Your blogs are an integral part of your content strategy and will help build and strengthen your brand.

Content is King (or Queen)! You know this. We know this! The issue many of our clients face is consistently producing 2,000 words to write on any given blog topic. Our experienced bloggers know what they’re doing and are ready to give you a hand. Blog lengths are determined by each topic’s keywords, difficulty ranking for the keywords, and available and relevant information. Content is ALWAYS optimized for SEO performance to provide you and your audience with the highest quality content.

While we are happy to write blogs of any length for you, we highly recommend a minimum of one blog per week. Blogs should be a minimum of 1,000 words, however, the length should be determined by keyword competition, keyword priority, strategy, etc.

Moose May helped us optimize every page of our website and we immediately saw a difference in the amount of traffic we were receiving from organic search. I highly recommend their services to everyone. If your site isn't optimized, you're missing out - and there's nobody better to optimize your site for SEO!
Owner, The Taproom
Rachel is a quick study and a clear expert on SEO. She understood what I was looking for and delivered strong results in a timely manner. Her work exceeded my expectations!
Owner, Banyan Tree
We worked with Moose May for SEO and blogging. Very impressed with results, excited to see what we do in 2019 after so much growth in 2018.
BD Manager

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