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Moose May helped this multi-million dollar brand increase their sales through search.

Within 60 Days:

Search Traffic Increase
Conversion Increase
Keyword Ranking Increase

This home goods brand is a multi-million dollar e-commerce home goods company that is focused on selling top brands. Their goal was to rank for these brands to direct people to purchase from their store instead of the competition. They had no SEO in place and zero time to devote for marketing to work on optimization.

The Optimization Solution:

Moose May created a strategy based on goals of increasing rankings, increasing traffic through search, and increasing search conversions. Moose May built the custom strategy around their budget, working to make sure they achieved the best rankings for the specified timeline and budget. The final strategy outlined covered: keyword research, site speed, and rewriting over 3,000 products titles and metas.

Beginning with keyword research, Moose May used competitor research as well as current keyword rankings to create keyword ranking goals. The six-month strategy was implemented monthly for titles and metas, working on approximately 500-1000 products per month.

Keywords ranked for by month:

Month 1 – 351

Month 2 – 953

Month 3 – 1955

Month 4 – 2120

Month 5 – 3352

Month 6 – 3921

In a 60-day over 60-day comparison of after starting the contract and before starting the contract, the organic search traffic increased by 36.03% and conversions increased by 18.34%. Direct Search also increased by 12.34%.

Other recommendations made: on-page content keyword implementation, site speed adjustments for the site, and other technical edits for the site.


Take Note:

Follow the “biggest bang for your buck” rule. We don’t have to do it all, but doing something is better than nothing.

*Company’s name is not disclosed due to wanting stats to stay confidential. We know data is valuable and we respect that with our clients.

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Graph Showing Sales Improvement of Multi-Million Dollar Company

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