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What is SEO?

SEO is the art and science of increasing traffic to your website by gaining a high-ranking placement on search engines.

If the search engine is like the supermarket, SEO is adding aisle signs to help people find what they are looking for.

Average Organic Traffic- Increase
Average Bounce Rate- Decrease
Average Visit Duration- Increase
Average Conversions- Increase

Our Search Engine Optimization Core Services Include:

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Building on a strong foundation leads to increased rankings and conversions. The solid technical platform improves crawlability by search engines and user experience.
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Engaging and compelling content drives traffic and visibility. We provide recommendations for all content initiatives to gain traffic and visibility.
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Effective linking and local management increases ranking and exposure. Build authority for your brand by making yourself the expert of your industry on the web.

E-Commerce SEO

Technical SEO Audit – Looking for a site analysis and some guidance of what’s next? We’ve got you covered. Moose May will analyze your site for all SEO components and create a strategy based on your technical SEO and content.

Content Creation and Optimization – We scale our services to fit your needs, providing product description writing, collection description writing, blog writing, and page content, all optimized for keywords.

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Moose May helped us implement an SEO plan for our new Shopify site. From writing descriptions, to researching and evaluating keywords, Rachel guided our SEO strategy, made recommendations and implemented solutions for us that resulted in significant improvement in our ranking for major keywords within just the first month of working together. We were able to maintain and improve upon these ranking increases, and Rachel provided not just her services, but also information and resources that helped us better understand SEO. We enjoyed our collaboration, we’re happy with the results and we’d definitely recommend Moose May for any SEO needs.
Content is King right now, we all know it. We couldn't keep up with all of the SEO and product descriptions, along with blogs. Moose May provided amazing blogs and optimizations that increased our sales by 25% in just 3 months.
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After optimizing our site with Moose May, we doubled our site traffic and tripled our leads. If we would have known what it could do, we would have done it in the beginning.

Start Optimizing and Ranking

Let us help you grow your business online through organic traffic.
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