Product and Collection Descriptions

SEO Collection Content

Collection Text is an important chance to not only showcase your product but allow SEO another opportunity to find your site and rank it higher. Using on-brand language and a compelling tone, our writers engage your audience and show the value of your products over others to increase sales. Collection Text enhances the customer experience by summarizing the items in the collection and allowing a deeper dive directly to the specific products they are looking for.
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SEO Product Content

Your product is worth purchasing. The team at Moose May implements brand-specific language and tone to explain the features and benefits of your product to turn clicks into cash for your business. Utilizing our SEO strategies, we will drive more views to your page by focusing on the benefits of your product in a way that compels consumers to buy.

Whether you already have product and collection descriptions that need to be optimized for current keywords or you are starting from scratch, we’re here to help. 

Whether you have thousands of products or 23, we can help navigate prioritizing the product and collection descriptions, naming new collections for organic traffic keywords, and implementing the text on your e-commerce site. 

If you are a reseller, we help create unique product descriptions so that Google doesn’t look at your content as duplicate content from the wholesaler. We write completely unique optimized product content for your website that matches your tone while highlighting the features and benefits from the supplier.

Ready to Improve your Organic Traffic?

Words matter. Let Moose May put product and collection descriptions to work for you with proven results through optimized e-commerce descriptions.