Ecommerce Online Only SEO Case Study

See how Moose May helped this business grow traffic and sales through SEO.

Within 30 Days:

Increase in Traffic
New Keyword Rankings on Page 1
Increase in Conversions

The Ranking Challenge

Company B was an existing technology start-up company with low rankings. They mostly sold on Amazon and wanted their site to rank and to drive more sales through their company’s website.

The Optimization Approach

After a thorough technical audit, Moose May created a long list of recommendations on the technical side that was hurting Company B’s rankings. We worked with the team and their developer to have these implemented.

The following are some of the implementations made: Google Analytics setup, search console set up, keyword research, on-page implementation, Google Merchant Center, YouTube Optimizations, blog topics, H1 and H2 recommendations, and more.

Moose May’s SEO work has given Company B the building blocks to continue to succeed when technical work has been completed. Additional things for the future recommended to Company B were to adapt to the ever-changing technology and baby industries, be aware of changing trends, and adjust the strategy as needed.

Through the initial changes, Company B saw an increase in site traffic by 25% within 30 days and ranked for 9 keywords on page 1, after previously ranking for 0 on pages 1-5.

After 90 days they had an increase in organic traffic of 155%.


Take Note

Build upon a sturdy foundation of technical SEO. When we do an audit, we look at the pages on your site, we check your redirects, your headings, your content for keywords, site speed, site security — the list continues. We’re looking for the big wins in terms of SEO, so we make sure that the most important things are done. You’ll find some companies do a comprehensive audit that takes 50+ hours, and 80% of what they check won’t bring you much of a rank change. We want maximum increase when we run our audits.

*Company B’s name is not disclosed due to wanting stats to stay confidential. We know data is valuable, and we respect that with our clients.

Traffic from Google Analytics during SEO implementation:

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