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Within 60 Days:

Growth of Sales
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The SEO Challenge

Company D had done SEO in-house for years and hit a wall with trying to increase rankings. They called on Moose May to increase their rankings and take it to the next level.

Company D had a specific goal: rank on page 1 for the ten keywords that could bring in the most sales.

The SEO Challenge

We started with keyword research, including researching their history and their competition. Moose May also completed a full SEO Site Audit.

After implementing SEO from top to bottom, from site speed to titles and metas and other on-page elements, we saw a 300% growth of sales within 60 days. After additional months of work, over 50% of their traffic comes from Organic Search. New users account for over 80% of traffic, bringing more people in and more brand recognition.

Company D increased in total rankings and overall rank among keywords, ranking on page 1 for all 10 keywords that were provided by client.


Take Note:

Ranking higher on Google can have an amazing effect on your revenue! When you make sure all of your SEO lines up, the dots connect and Google rewards you (with high rankings).

*We respect our client's privacy. That's why we refer to our client as Company D.

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Rank on Google and be a successful case study, what more could you ask for?

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